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APEXi N1 Dual Muffler Exhaust System - (S13 - 240SX/180SX/SILVIA)

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The N1 Dual is a hybrid variation of the N1 exhaust. This system incorporates a twin pipe, twin canister design for improved mid-range torque without sacrificing top end power. The twin piping is constructed of mild steel with a titanium particle coating mated to SUS 304 polished stainless steel canisters. Each canister features a polished 90mm (3.54 inch) tip. Robotic TIG welds compliment the hand crafted MIG welds to create on of the most innovative and dynamic exhaust systems on the market.

1989-1994 NISSAN 240SX (S13 - KA24E, KA24DE)
1989-1998 NISSAN 180SX (RS13, RPS13 - CA18DET, SR20DE, SR20DET)
1989-1994 NISSAN SILVIA (S13 - CA18DET, SR20DE, SR20DET)

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