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BDE - Brett Dempsey Engineering Crank Trigger and Cam Sync for ATI Dampers - (90+ Z32 300ZX)

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A VG's Ignition timing accuracy can be erratic with the stock CAS due to timing belt stretch and inherent harmonics that occur between the crankshaft and camshafts. Moving the critical trigger points to the crankshaft completely eliminates these problems and ensures the ignition timing programmed into your ECU is exactly what is delivered to the spark plugs.

BDE Crank Trigger Wheel

What's the difference between 12 and 36 tooth? Click here to learn about crank trigger tooth count.

  • available in 12+1 tooth* or 36-1+1 tooth** configurations
  • 100% CNC machined for the highest accuracy of tooth edge and location
  • electroless nickel plated for corrosion protection
  • designed to bolt-on to either ATI® Race or Street type dampers*** for the VG30DE(TT), NO MODIFICATION TO THE DAMPER IS NECESSARY
  • *12+1 tooth crank trigger wheels will work with any aftermarket ECU, but in particular, a 12 tooth crank trigger is the only crank trigger that will work with a Haltech Platinum Pro® Plug-In ECU for the Z32 (PN: HT-055107).

    **36-1+1 tooth crank trigger wheels can be used on AEM S1, S2, and Infinity®, Haltech Elite® or similar higher-capability ECUs.

    ***The ATI® VG30DE(TT) Race and Street dampers feature different bolt patterns, PS pulleys, and PS pulley locating hub diameters. But BDE trigger wheels can accomadate either damper by simply flipping the trigger wheel to the side appropriately labeled.

Why make it only work with the ATI® Dampers?

The ATI® design sets the bar for torsional dampers that all others only dream to achieve - It just makes sense to design a VG crank trigger to work with the best damper available for the VG platform.

BDE Power Steering Pulley

The optimum location for the BDE crank trigger wheel is on the front of the damper behind the PS pulley which moves the PS pulley out of alignment with its pump pulley. The original ATI® PS pulleys cannot be used or modified to work with the BDE crank trigger wheel, but BDE has you covered - we have included a replacement PS pulley that retains the correct belt alignment. Some additional features are:

  • The BDE PS pulley diameter is the same as the ATI® Race PS pulley (Street Damper applications will need to switch to a longer PS belt, typically 36.5 inches)
  • multiple bolt patterns to allow use on Race damper or Street damper
  • works with existing ATI® PS pulley bolts
  • Manual steering rack applications can delete the PS pulley for a $60 reduction in price

BDE Cam Sync and Mechanical Fuel Pump Mount

A cam sync reference signal is required for coil on plug and sequential injection to inform the ECU that the engine is approaching TDC for the compression stroke. The BDE cam sync system uses the same type Hall Effect sensor as the BDE crank trigger plus the option to mount and drive a mechanical fuel pump (3/8" hex drive) is built-in and ready to use whenever you are. The BDE cam sync hub is electroless nickel plated for corossion protection and balanced to offset the weight of the trigger tooth.

BDE Hall Effect Sensors

  • Stainless steel body with M12x1.0 threads
  • Deutsch connectors are installed, ready to plug in and go
  • pull-up resistor is built-in to the sensor (if your ECU is equipped with internal pull-up resistors, turn them off with the software)
  • Both BDE crank trigger and cam sync Hall Effect sensors are identical and interchangeable

BDE Crank Trigger Package Includes:

  • Crank trigger wheel
  • Crank trigger sensor mount kit
  • Cam sync housing with mechanical fuel pump mount and cover
  • Cam sync trigger hub with mechanical fuel pump 3/8" hex drive
  • 2 Hall Effect sensors
  • Plug-n-play wire harness adapter for Early or Late type CAS connectors
  • PS pulley - Option to delete this for -$60 savings
  • SS bolt kit