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BDE - Brett Dempsey Engineering VTC Pulleys - (90-93 NA, 90-94 TT)

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Please ensure you're purchasing the correct style of VTC pulleys, Click here to identify your VTC type.  Early model VTCs are the most common pulleys from the VG30DE(TT) and can easily be identified by their six holes located around the central hub.  If you require late style VTCs, please click here.  If you're looking for BDE Adjustable VTC Pulleys, please click here.

Stock Nissan variable Valve Timing Control (VTC) intake camshaft pulleys are non-serviceable units that are notorious for making noise and leaking oil. Oil leakage occurs because the rear cam seal plate can rotate independent from the pulley, this wears its internal o-ring seal and eventually leads to an oil leak. The noise is typical with high-mileage pulleys and/or aftermarket higher-pressure valve springs that cause the cams to over-rotate on every cylinder's intake valve-closing event. This over-rotation causes the VTC piston to screw itself onto the VTC helix and overpower the piston return spring. As the cam continues to rotate, the valves close and the valve spring pressure diminishes to the point where the VTC return spring slams the piston back to its stop creating the audible tick that is indicative of a noisy VTC.

By design, the VTC function is to advance the intake cams 20° (crankshaft) from just above idle to roughly 5800 RPM to increase torque in this RPM range. At idle and high RPM the VTC is in its static “zero advance” position which reduces valve overlap for smooth idle characteristics and increases torque at higher RPMs - and it is only in the zero advance position that the VTCs can make noise.

True VTC noise can be verified by activating the VTC solenoids using a ConZult or by grounding their green with black stripe wires while the engine is idling. This will cause oil pressure to build within the pulley, forcing the VTC piston to screw onto the VTC helix thus advancing the cam and removing the window of opportunity to make noise. Typical VTC noise will stop entirely when doing this and the engine will begin to idle rough due to increased valve overlap.

BDE rebuilt VTC pulleys feature a redesigned piston return spring specifically engineered for the load needed to prevent camshaft over-rotation with installed valve spring pressures up to 80 lbs and permit full VTC function. Oil leaks are eliminated by replacing the o-ring and positively locating the rear cover with a dowel pin thereby preventing it from rotating.

Notes about core options:

1.  If "Sending Cores First" is selected, we will contact you after you place your order with further instructions.  If this option is selected, you will not be charged a core fee, however you are responsible for the shipping costs to send cores in.  Your order will not ship until the cores are received and are deemed to be rebuildable (ie. not physically damaged, mishandled or abused).  Cores must be received within 30 days of placing the order.

2.  If "Cores Required" is selected, you will be charged a core fee of $250.

When shipping your cores, keep your VTC front covers and hardware to re-use. Late VTC front covers are different than Early front covers, AND, Late front covers are no longer available from Nissan.

1990-1993 NISSAN 300ZX N/A (Z32 - VG30DE)
1990-1994 NISSAN 300ZX TT (Z32 - VG30DETT)
1990-1993 NISSAN FAIRLADY Z N/A (Z32 - VG30DE)

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